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The giving process

The Golden Envelope serves multiple purposes:

1. Every person we give to receives an envelope as a tangible item that goes with the act of kindness. This way, if they choose to keep the envelope, they can feel that same feeling they got when they received it every time they look at it.

2. It gives them information about us. A lot of people ask us about Global Mailbox Money when we give to them. This envelope gives them just a bit of information about us to get them started on learning more. We also offer a FAQ sheet with the envelope to answer more in-depth questions.

3. We are on our Road to One Million Acts of Kindness. We would like to GIVE one million acts of kindness and we track that figure through the number of envelopes given.

4. Financially, we choose not to keep a large inventory of envelopes, so the organization that sells these envelopes shoulders that cost and then gives a percentage of the sales back to Mailbox Money Community Foundation (that’s us). This means that as we sell these envelopes to other Engagers who are giving (and helping us hit that one million mark), we are also getting funds donated back to us to perform more acts of kindness!

As a nonprofit, we have a board of volunteers and several committees of volunteers. All are Engagers with Mailbox Money. It’s the board’s job to establish the protocols for choosing events. Events are chosen based on several factors, like safety, ability to make an impact, permission to host the event, costs, etc. Yes, even how much we give away is discussed and approved before the event. The Board reviews events that are submitted and then chooses based on the policies and protocols established. Then our Events Committee takes it from there and works out the date and details.

A key aspect of our giving is giving to unsuspecting people. So, while we may know where we are going, what we are doing, and when we are doing it, we don’t know who will be there! For example, we may know that we are going to the local municipality on Wednesday from 2pm – 6pm to pay for utility bills, but we have no idea who will be showing up to pay their bill. That is a surprise to both us and those who receive a gold envelope from us. We do not give based on need or merit. You may know someone who is desperately in need or someone who is just a really good person who deserves an act of kindness.

If our Engagers want to give their own envelopes away to those people, they can. Additionally, we have had businesses reach out to us to host their own giving events with Mailbox Money and they may have a surprise they want to give to someone specifically. However, as an organization, with our donated funds from Engagers, we only give to those who happen to be at our Give Forward events.

Coordinated Mailbox Money events occur approximately once per quarter (4x/annually). However, we do capture giving throughout the year during co-sponsored events with our partners. Additionally, each Board Member hosts a Giving Day that we try to capture. Finally, our Engagers host their own giving and send us content that we share on our social media.

Transparency & metrics

Yes. Mailbox Money is 501c3 nonprofit organization established in the United States of America.

Our stated goal from day one was to always give a minimum eighty cents of every dollar toward giving. Transparency is key and we want to increase this number as time goes on.

Global Mailbox Money is the company that distributes the apparel, books and envelopes. A percentage of profits from the sales of apparel and envelopes will flow directly to the nonprofit to fund giving forward and support the cost of running the organization. We are primarily a volunteer- based organization and keep costs as low as possible by developing strong relationships with professionals who give forward to the organization or give us discounted pricing for services (like social media work, videography and photography).

Founder, Joe Ferrer, led a group of advisors in a training for a million-dollar sales idea and the start time for that meeting was at 10.47 a.m. When talks of Mailbox Money began, the vision was to have one million people with the same vision to be givers across the world. Joe thought back to that 10:47 meeting and took it as a sign of a great starting point and reasonable monthly gift amount that wouldn’t cause financial hardship.

When Joe was researching philanthropy and giving, he found that cost is a big deterrent to people giving so he wanted to create an organization where cost wouldn’t stop people from giving. That’s why we place such an emphasis on subscription micro-philanthropy.

This is the secret sauce. The beauty is it is truly random to a certain degree. The event or type of giving we do is not random. We plan it out and know exactly where we will be. What we don’t know is who will show up and at what time they will be there. We don’t promote where we are because we don’t want people coming with expectations of a gift. We like to think the universe selects the people and we get to bless them with an intentional act of kindness.

We are a nonpolitical organization. We do not lobby for political agendas and we do not accept funds from political organizations.

While there are people in the leadership team that have a strong Christian faith, the purpose of the membership is not to push or promote faith in traditional ways. We are an action organization promoting generosity, kindness and happiness, and if that leads people to have faith, then that is good. Hopefully our actions and integrity will allow people to see who we are.

No, the people in our videos are not actors. The money we give is real. The people who give it are real. Anyone you see giving in an official Mailbox Money Community video are genuinely part of the movement and we do not pay or solicit actors to portray any of the events you see in our videos.

Yes, we currently have a Board of Directors. You can learn a bit more about them on our team page.

Micro-philanthropy is an established form of donating whereby a person commits to micro-giving out of a desire to help uplift our world through a cause. Oftentimes this giving is done in small monetary portions. Micro-philanthropy works best when you give consistently over time. There are several other important factors to make the most of micro-philanthropy and you can learn more when you sign up!

Subscription giving is when you give a on a regular schedule. That schedule could be daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Giving forward has a different context than giving back. Giving back suggests an obligation as if you owe someone or “have to” because you are returning something for taking something. We give forward when we give out of a sense of generosity and a desire to be kind.

We are based in the United States and at this time, all of our company sponsored events are stateside and our website and materials are only available in English, but we welcome Engagers from all over the world.

Your contributions are tax deductible and you should consult with your tax professional if you have specific questions. Contributions over $250 will receive an annual statement of giving for tax purposes.

No. We wish we could, and we do try to document what we can, but it’s just not feasible to capture it all. Additionally, some giving is spontaneous, and other times giving is held in a more private OR corporate setting where cameras just aren’t appropriate or perhaps, allowed.


One of the benefits of membership is you have exclusive access to member-only apparel. Login to your membership portal and click on the store icon. From there you will be directed to the Mailbox Money store and you will have the ability to purchase shirts, hats, envelopes, etc. To get your swag, sign up here.

Please go to the store and follow the instructions on “What to do if my product is lost.”

The original book Mailbox Money and sequel Journey to the 5th are available in the member only store where apparel and other items are sold. Sign up here! Books can also be purchased on and and you can access those links here.

Most items for sale will be made with recycled contents or will be organic in nature. We believe that using recycled material is another way for us to give back to our small world. There is only one Earth. We want to take care of it.

In our videos you see Gold Envelopes being handed out as we perform intentional acts of kindness. These envelopes have a few purposes:

1. It marks the occasion with a symbol for the recipient. People will be able to look at the envelope in time and remember the experience.

2. It gives information to the recipient. Often times recipients are shocked and ask us what the catch is. The card reinforces that this is a no strings attached act of kindness, and tells them where they can go to learn more.

3. It helps us TRACK our giving. Each envelope represents an act of kindness for an individual or family or organization. Our goal is to reach ONE MILLION acts of intentional kindness. Mailbox Money and our Engagers are on a MISSION to hit this milestone which, without a doubt, truly symbolizes the impact we have made in the world. Help us reach one million!

YES (if you’re an Engager)! In fact, we highly encourage our Engagers to do this. We cannot reach our goal of ONE MILLION acts of kindness without you. If you have not been informed about our Road To One Million Acts of Kindness, click on the question above.


Have you read the books? Reading the books will help you understand the context and give you insight on all five disciplines. The first four disciplines set up the fifth discipline. The first four disciplines help you learn how to make money (but also relates to relationships, and other important aspects of your life). The 5th discipline focuses on finding your purpose and connection to community.

WE are the HOW. In this section of the website you see engagers with two fingers up on their left hand. THAT is the symbol of the 5th discipline. When Engagers sign up, they take the 5th Discipline Pledge of Kindness. The rest you can find out when you read the books and join us!

Anyone 18 years of age or older, any minors who are emancipated.

Parents can create an account for a minor under the parent’s information, so this can be a supervised account. Mailbox Money does participate in subscription giving and because unemancipated minors are not of age, they cannot contract with us. Parents must do so.

We have two ways for you to get involved. You can become an Engager, and jump into our exclusive community of members, who understand the 5th discipline and want to give forward together. Sign up here! Or you can become a supporter and donate to the cause, but that’s where your involvement ends. Donate here.  Whatever you do, be sure to follow us on social media – check out the links at the bottom of the page.

Founder, Joe Ferrer, led a group of advisors in a training for a million-dollar sales idea and the start time for that meeting was at 10.47 a.m. When talks of Mailbox Money began, the vision was to have one million people with the same vision to be givers across the world. Joe thought back to that 10:47 meeting and took it as a sign of a great starting point and reasonable monthly gift amount that wouldn’t cause financial hardship.

Yes. We use the highest SSL security measures in protecting our members.

They may go up over time depending on inflation. These increases would be minor and happen once a year or every couple of years. As the cost of goods goes up, we would like to maintain purchasing power to continue spreading generosity and kindness. We would also like to give more to the community!

You can spread the word, organize a Give Forward Day, buy merchandise, or make additional donations using the GIVE NOW button to help further the cause. We are already working on more opportunities for supporters and engagers to do more. Stay tuned! It is these micro-philanthropy opportunities that make this 5th discipline mentality of thinking.

Engagers can keep an eye on the member-only dashboard where there will be opportunities to participate in Give Forward Days when Mailbox Money Community Foundation comes to your area. Engagers can also setup a Give Forward Day of their own.

Yes. If there is any self-promotion or sabotage, you will be removed. Additionally, we reserve the right to remove anyone who does not believe in and practice the values that we are trying to uphold. Our community commits to a standard of common courtesy and topics that are simply off limits. If you do not adhere to these safeguards, you will be removed from the community.

Yes. Please allow us five business days to process your cancellation. Our goal is never to trap you into giving so we try to make joining and canceling convenient for you. Having said that, we hope you’ll stay long term as WE make big things happen with just a little!

Your contributions are tax deductible and you should consult with your tax professional if you have specific questions. Contributions over $250 will receive an annual statement of giving for tax purposes.

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