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Double Your Impact

Many employers match their employees’ charitable contributions!

Check with your HR department or employer to see if you can double your Mailbox Money Community Foundation donation!

Just ask them if they have a matching program for donations and is Mailbox Money Community Foundation is on their list.

If we aren’t, reach out to us and let us know which company it is and who we have to talk to to get on the list!

The world is tumbling into a dark place of hate and negativity.

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If you’re looking to donate to a cause you believe in, with a nonprofit you can trust, then you’ve come to the right place.

We can fight negativity together - with kindness.

Corporate Giving

A catalyst for change we don’t thank enough.

Did you know that it’s corporate funding that has sustained and grown giving across the United States for the last several decades? While we hope to teach people that anyone can become a giver, we welcome corporate donations and partners.


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