About Us

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Our Core Mission & Vision


We make it easy and convenient for people to give, no matter what their income


We believe in a world where everyone can be a giver by participating in organized micro-philanthropy thereby creating a happier, more generous, kind and united society.

Meet The Team

Meet Joe Ferrer, founder of Mailbox Money

My name is Joe and I'm on a mission.

On my 40th birthday, me and my family did a "random acts of kindness day” and we posted it online. My inbox blew up with people wanting to support, and I realized there's a gap in the philanthropy world. A lot of people have a hard time figuring out where they should give because they want their contribution to make a real difference - even if it’s not a lot.

Since the inception of Mailbox Money in September of 2020, my team and I have distributed random acts of kindness to over 550 people by engaging over 400 individual donors - donors like you.

Will you help me spread more kindness?

Meet The Board

At Mailbox Money, We Believe...

the core values listed below are imperative in how we approach kindness and giving. Hover over the pictures to learn more!

Kindness will change the world

You don’t have to be rich to give

Everyone can give

Everyone is worthy of receiving

Everyone needs kindness

When we each give, we can multiply our impact

We help donors amplify their impact by automating their giving

The Golden Envelope Challenge

Over 1,000 envelopes have been given

Every act of kindness from Mailbox Money is given with a Golden Envelope. Our goal is to reach one million acts of kindness. You can purchase Golden Envelopes to help us reach that goal!

If you’re looking for a community of givers, give with us!

Growing Givers

We launched in 2020 in central Florida and within just a few months, we were growing all over the country. Now we are in twenty states!

Kindness Is Our Cause

We don’t have a specific cause. We people think of Mailbox Money, they don’t think of one cause like cancer or feeding the homeless. They just see and think of kindness, because we give to all causes and people.

Animal Shelters
Elderly Support
Financial Need
Medical Need

Get In The Know

Because actions speak louder

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